VOD: Happy 20th Birthday L.A. Metro Rail!

Los Angeles Metro Rail
Los Angeles may be famous for its great weather and celebrities, but it is infamous for its traffic. In fact, L.A.'s freeways consistently rank among the most congested in the nation. But 20 years ago, the city started on a public transportation project to try to change it.

Now in 2010, L.A.'s freeways are still among the most congested, but the L.A. Metro rail project that opened in 1990 also has some of the highest ridership in the nation.

This home video by Militant Angeleno takes us back to that first day of the L.A. Metro Rail. Here's an excerpt from his blog post on Metro Rail's 20th.

"But most of all, the 0 miles of rail transit that existed 20 years and one day ago has bloomed into a now a 79.1-mile system of five colored lines, larger than SF's 72-mile BART system was 20 years ago. The litany of localities listed in Supervisor Ed Edelman's speech are all reachable destinations today (Well, okay, LAX...not quite yet). Most of all, the little kids and crying babies who rode on the same train as the Militant that day are now grown adults, some of whom ride Metro Rail to and from work every day."

You can read a spotlight on the Militant Angeleno here.

Photo Credit: The image accompanying this post was taken by Flickr user Mark Fischer. It was used under Creative Commons license.

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