VOD: Tom Petty's "Free Fallin'"

In the lead-up to the August music special, each video of the day will highlight a SoCal oriented music video. Here's today's pick:

Tom Petty has been a Southern California superstar for over 30 years. Among his all time greatest hits, "Free Fallin'" is perhaps the best known for its epic refrain:

And I'm free, free fallin,'
Yeah I'm free, free fallin'

Stop to listen to the lyrics, or watch the music video below, and you'll quickly realize that this song is about nothing more than heartbreak in the San Fernando Valley. He sets the stage (Reseda) early in the song and brings us back to life in the SFV with a shout out to Ventura Boulevard and Mulholland.

Photo Credit: The image accomapnying this post was taken by Flickr user simonov. It was used under Creative Commons license.

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