VOD: Who Said LAX Wasn't Pretty?

Angelenos all know that LAX is busy. We wait in endless lines, get hassled by security, and run to catch planes. LAX is the sixth-busiest airport on Earth, and people can feel it every time they fly there.

Vimeo user Stephen Carr offers a new perspective on the airport that city natives love to hate. Capturing the motion and commotion of a single hour at LAX, it shows the underlying grace that people fail to notice when they are looking for their boarding pass or running to get that quick cup of Starbucks.

By removing them from the chaos, Carr grants viewers the chance to witness the forgotten majesty of a plane in flight and appreciate the delicate dance of planes, trucks, and carts on the tarmac. "Enjoy the short, as I hope it evokes the fun, adventure, and romance of air travel, as well as the magic of flight," writes Carr in the caption for the video.

In a single clip, a plane taxis as another takes off above it. In the background, ground vehicles look like bugs scurrying around, tirelessly working for the greater good of a huge hive.

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Photo Credit: The image accompanying this post was taken by Flickr user brewbooks. It was used under Creative Commons license.

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