VOD: Will it be 1985 All Over Again for the Lakers?

Basketball fans and non-fans alike await the all-deciding game 7 tonight at the Staples Center. What would the 2010 NBA Championship mean for the two teams? For Boston it would mean bragging rights for what would be their 18th championship, the most in history for any team. For the Lakers it would mean a repeat. A 16th championship. A 5th for Kobe. An 11th for Phil. But most importantly, redemption.

Who could forget two years ago when the Celtics crushed the Lakers with a 39 point lead, leaving Angelinos both heartbroken and embarrassed. This was just one more chapter in the Lakers-Celtics rivarly, one that re-opened the doubt in people's minds of whether or not the Lakers could beat the Celtics.

But if the year 1985 taught us anything, its that the Lakers can pull through.

Motivated by everyone's doubt and the thought of beating the Celtics in the Boston Garden, the Lakers finally won against their long-time rival. Twenty-five years later, the story is no different, just that this time, the Lakers hope to do it in their home court, surrounded by their beloved fans.

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