What's With the Bike Posters?

For two months now, Los Angeles has brimmed with sharply-designed, wheat-pasted posters that urge caution between bicyclists and automobile drivers.The posters, still visible on the occasional utility box, are said to be the work of the "Department of D.I.Y."TTLA's blogger interviewed the Department recently here, for Next American City. The piece has links to a previous interview by Zach Behrens of LAist, as well as other smart (and sometimes satirical) local posts about the Department's work.Read the Next American City piece here. Anyone interested -- column archives are here, with other Los Angeles quotes and references.The photo above this TTLA post was taken Thursday, May 13 near the Vista Theater, at that notorious five-way intersection that includes Sunset and Hollywood Boulevards. KCET is just across the street.

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