What's Your Walkscore?

The website Walkscore.com uses algorhythms to estimate how plausible it is to reside car- or truck-free in a given city, or in a particular neighborhood. Areas are assigned numbers between 0 (greatest need for a car) and 100 (least need for a car). Scenic beauty -- a subjective quality -- is not included in the tally.

Los Angeles receives a walkscore of 67, placing the city on the high end of the "somewhat walkable" scale (50-69), and close to "very walkable" (70-89).

L.A.'s 67 places the city as the ninth most walkable city overall in the U.S.

Long Beach is eighth, with a 69 score. San Francisco is the top-ranked burgh on the site, receiving 86 points. San Diego, San Jose, and Fresno all are listed as having scores in the mid-50s.

The lowest-scoring cities among the 40 listed by the site are Jacksonville, Nashville, and Charlotte.

Walkscore also measures neighborhoods. TTLA plugged in KCET's 4401 Sunset Boulevard address and the score that came up was.... 95. That qualifies the area as a "walker's paradise," according to walkscore.

Check out your own neighborhood via the search box here.

Walkscore's metholdogy page is here.

Photo Credit: The image accompanying this post was taken by Flickr user Dominic's_pics. It was used under Creative Commons license.

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