Where Have You Been?


I am going to pull out that warm cozy chestnut of a line again, "in the old days...." you would only see your high school friends once every decade, if you went to the reunion. That's if you wanted to go or had any inclination to see how everyone turned out.

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Now you can find them all on Facebook and really go to town and get into each other's lives.

Hey I Am Writing On Your Wall

"Wow, you have a beautiful family...so many...."
"Is that really your hair?"
"Is that legal?"
"Yes, I got a discount coupon for the augmentation, aren't they great?!"
"He was my ex-husband's brother-in-law's business partner."
"Yeah, ___ went AWOL and left me with the dogs."
"No I stopped doing that once I found out how much it was costing me..."
"Remember when we took your dad's car and..."

Didn't Need To Know That...

Not only can you see each other's friends, you can check out the photo albums of family vacations all the way to photos of stuff you really didn't want to see or have the back story on. Facebook has phased out the need for reunions where we anticipated the "what are they doing now" moments - now we can select who we want to be back in contact with and really begin to have adult conversations, with the years passed and the immaturity of high school angst far behind, we can now converse as peers.

Reconnecting is also about letting go, letting go of what we held onto, what really doesn't matter anymore. We can pursue a deeper relationship or we can just look into each other's lives and find that we all have made our own way and that the past is just a stepping stone amongst hundreds of stones that have lead us to where we are now.

Image: Ophelia Chong / Tunnel 3rd Street

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