White Paper Seeks Electric Car Comments


The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has a new white paper out, and the agency is seeking related public comment. The text is titled, "Light-duty vehicle electrification in California: Opportunities and Barriers."

Written by the Commission's Policy and Planning Division staff -- no authors' names are listed -- the paper is 74-pages long and features a two-page glossary of acronyms, charts galore, and nearly 200 footnotes.

From the executive summary:

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"This white paper has been developed to identify for California Public Utlities Commission (CPUC) commissioners and staff the opportunities for and barries to on-road light-duty vehicle (LDV) electrification (electrification). The paper is intended to serve as a preliminary scoping tool to explore and provoke stakeholder input on potential policies that might support LDV electrification. It is not intended to make policy recommendations."

And also from later in the summary:

"The CPUC can optimize PEV [Plug-in Electric Vehicle] tariffs, consider utility infrastructure investments, and authorize utility programs to support environmental goals and economic benefits of PEV commercialization."

The complete report is available for a free-of-charge download here.

CPUC is the state agency charged with regulating various energy and transportation systems. More information is here.

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