Ballona Creek Loop

Part of the last remaining wetlands in Los Angeles, Ballona Creek offers a stunning ride for all cyclists. Our guide will show you to the wonderful bike path that runs through the docks of Marina Del Rey and directs you to the Ballona Creek Bike Path. For more information, and an extended route, see Bike Paths below:


Bike Path:
Near the Venice Pier, you can rent bikes at Venice Bikes and Skates on Washington Ave. If need some fuel before heading out, don't miss Hinano Cafe near the boardwalk for an absolutely delicious burger. When finished go north on Washington Blvd.

Just before Oxford Ave., a bike path begins on your right next to a large lagoon. Make a right onto the pathway, ride through the trees, past a parking lot, and continue on the path that parallels Admiralty Way. The Bike path will eventually cross Admiralty Way into the parking lots of Marina Del Rey. Follow the path lines and trail signs as this area contains many turns. You will pass the Marina Del Rey Visitors Center on your right. Consider checking it out to discover what else the area has to offer.

The bike path will then take you out onto Fiji Way, a calm stretch of road that rolls by a small harbor village of shops and restaurants. Fiji Way will end at a loop. As you circle around, follow the sign on your right that will direct you onto the bike path. Here, there will be wetlands of your left before the pathway forks at Ballona Creek. Make a right and ride along a scenic route that grips the banks of the creek on your right and flies by the wetlands on your left.

You will pass under Culver Blvd. and come to the bridge for Lincoln Ave. Go up the ramp before the bridge and make a left onto Lincoln Ave. Follow the road until you are back at Fiji Way. Make a left onto Fiji Way and ride south until you return to the bike path entrance on your left. Take the path back to Washington Blvd., then head back to Venice.

Extended Bike Path: For a much longer ride, when you hit the fork at Ballona Creek, instead of going left, make a right and head towards the sea. You will be gliding down a narrow strip of break water before you come to the Ballona Creek Bridge. Make a left onto the bridge and follow the bike path as far you wish. You will pass through the breathtaking beaches of Playa Del Rey, Manhattan, and Redondo before the bike path ends at Torrance Beach.

Begin at Washington and Pacific Avenue

Transit: From the Temple and Spring St. stop in Downtown LA take the Commuter Express 437 towards Washington & Pacific. Disembark at Washington and Pacific.

Car: From the 10 Freeway West merge onto the 405 Freeway South toward LAX/Long Beach. After about 4 miles merge onto the 90 Freeway West. After 3 miles turn right onto Lincoln Blvd. Then after a 0.5 miles turn left onto Washiton Blvd. After about 1 miles you will reach the end of Washington Blvd.

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