Compton Creek Paths

Compton Creek is a nearly 6 mile ride. The upper section, just under three miles long, parallels the creek. It's a more urban ride along vertical concrete walls. Sycamore trees line portions of the lower route, which runs just under two miles. The river bed itself has a natural bottom here, and produces an abundance of plants that attract a varied bird population. Walkers, joggers, bicyclists and the occasional horseback rider also frequent the area.

At the end of the line, just downstream from the Del Amo Metro Station, Compton Creek joins the Los Angeles River. (Take Del Amo Boulevard east to the river, turn right, go south for a short bit until you hit the confluence.) Here you will see expansive views of the L.A. Basin and its surrounding mountain ranges. Across the river, you can pick up the South County L.A. River Bike Trail, which heads north to Vernon and south to Long Beach.


The path starts on El Segundo Boulevard just east of N. Pamelee Avenue


BIKE: Cyclist headed southbound from Los Angeles will find bike lanes on Broadway. From there you can quickly access the bike path by heading east on El Segundo Boulevard. Alternately, those headed northbound to the start point will find bike friendly lanes on Santa Fe Avenue. Head west on El Segundo Boulevard from there.

TRANSIT: Take the Metro Blue Line to the Compton Station. Head west on Compton Boulevard to the river channel and then you can ride up or down river.

CAR: Get to the 105 (Century) freeway and exit on Central Avenue. Head south a few blocks and make a left on El Segundo Boulevard.


On weekends, the Centennial High School parking lot on El Segundo Boulevard should be open and have space. If not there is limited street parking on El Segundo Boulevard.


The path ends at Del Amo Boulevard near the Metro Blue Line station.


There is street parking near the Del Amo Metro Blue Line Station.


Cressey-Gonzales Park

Recently renovated with a new boys and girls baseball fields, a gym, pool, and food court.

Raymond Street Park

400 block of West Raymond Street

2.5 acres, this park has children's playground apparatus, a junior baseball diamond and restrooms.


Compton High School

Home of some notable professional athletes, musicians, and other figures.

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