Dominguez Gap

The Dominguez Gap is an area in North Long Beach where two side-channel wetlands parallel the Los Angeles River from just upstream of the 405 Freeway to upstream of Compton Creek. This walk showcases only the 30-acre east basin. A similar 14-acre basin exists on the west side of the river, but it's difficult to access. Though the river itself is contained in a concrete-lined channel, the wetlands support seasonal bird populations. It is generally better seen at the wetter times of the year, winter through early summer.


West Del Amo Boulevard and the L.A. River


BIKE:Take the Lario Bike Trail to Del Amo Boulevard in North Long Beach.

TRANSIT: Take the Metro Blue Line to the Del Amo Station. Walk three long blocks east, under the 710 Freeway and over the L.A. River

CAR: Exit the 710 Freeway at Del Amo Boulevard in North Long Beach and go east on Del Amo. Cross the L.A. River, turn right on Oregon Avenue, and park on the street.


Enter the river right-of way at the bike path entrance along Del Amo Boulevard and follow the Lario Bike Trail along the top of the levee, walking downstream.

As you head downstream, you'll notice the vast concrete expanse of the river on your right and the parallel wetlands on your left. At the top of the levee, you can get a good look at the not-so-good-looking Los Angeles County Drainage Area Project: parapet walls built in the late 1990s to Increase flood-protection capacity in the downstream stretches of the river.

As you continue walking downstream, look across the river to your right to see the L.A. River's heavily armored confluence with Compton Creek.

Pass below the railroad bridge and along the pumping station. Just before the Metro Blue Line bridge, turn left on an asphalt access road. The road turns into a bridle trail, which turns left and loops back to the start of the walk.


Giant Grinder Deli

20411 S Susana Road # A

Carson, CA 90810-1137

(310) 638-6159

Johnny Rebs'

4663 Long Beach Boulevard

Long Beach, CA 90805-6929

(562) 423-7327

Del Amo Burgers

2800 East Del Amo Boulevard

Carson, CA 90810

(310) 637-1164


15 West Del Amo Boulevard

Long Beach, CA 90805

(562) 428-4967


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