Hansen Dam

These rustic foothills are among the headwaters for the Los Angeles River. Their waters collect above the Hansen Dam. Together the Hansen Dam area is the mecca for horse riding in the city, containing the largest concentration of stables and trails.


Big Tujunga Wash

This wash is located east of Hansen Dam Park. Its network of equestrian trails, which weave between a dry area and a riparian habitat, provides a variety of pleasant scenery.

Trailhead: Access from Christy Avenue, Wheatland Avenue, and the Gabrellino Equestrian Park on Orcas Avenue, all via Foothill Boulevard. Also, access points along Wentworth Street, however, there is no parking near these access points.

Doc Larsen Trail

A popular dirt road that leads up into the canyons.

Hansen Dam Park

These intermittent wetlands offer a variety of trails, from dirt roads circling the lakes and the bottom of the dam, to smaller trails that weave throughout the wooded areas. Take care as some of the smaller trails don't receive regular maintenance. This area blends into the Big Tujunga Wash area to the east.

Trailhead: Parking lots on Osborne Street and Foothill Boulevard.

Hansen Dam Trail

This two-mile equestrian trail starts at the western end of the dam, along Osborne Street, and parallels the dam. On its eastern end, it connects with Wentworth Street."¨

Trailhead: Parking lot near the dam, on Osborne Street north of Glenoaks Boulevard.

From additional trail maps, go to latrails.com and select from their varied options.


Baycrest Farms Riding

On-site training and lessons for all levels.

12878 Little Tujunga Canyon Road

CA 91342-6305

(818) 890-1922


Goldspirit Farm

Horseback riding lessons for all levels and ages. Lesson horses available for showing, lease, and sale. Boarding and training facilities.

12682 Kagel Canyon Road

CA 91342

(818) 834-1272

Hansen Dam Equestrian Center

Training lessons, horse activities.

11127 Orcas Avenue

CA 91342-6723

(818) 896-6514

Stable Snob

9751 Wheatland Avenue

CA 91040-1429

(818) 352-9351

Bella Vista Stable

10616 McBroom Street

CA 91040-1230

(818) 353-9896

California Polo Club

Rental stables, riding lessons, and polo. In Little Tujunga Canyon just above Hansen Dam.

11035 Osborne Street

CA 91342-6601

(818) 896-6967

Gibson Ranch

Boarding, lessons, and regular events open to the public.

9655 Wentworth Street

CA 91040

(818) 951-4335

Equinox Equestrian Center

9753 La Tuna Canyon Road

CA 91352-2235

(818) 767-3200

Bay Ridge Farm

11700 Little Tujunga Canyon Road

Lake View Terrace, CA 91342-6301

(818) 834-3699

Middle Ranch

11700 Little Tujunga Canyon Road

San Fernando Valley, CA 91342

(818) 897-4029

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