Legg Lake

Snake along the winding paths around the lake and through this handsomely-designed park by foot or by a pedal-powered vehicle of choice (no cars). This is also a great starting spot for long bike rides on the LaRio bike paths that lead both north and south, and travel along smooth, bona fide paved paths.


Upper San Gabriel Valley, CA 91733. Parking and restrooms are available.


Car: Take the 60 Freeway east. Exit at Santa Anita Avenue. Head south. Make a right on Durfee Avenue. Turn right into the Lake entrance.

Transit: Take the 269 Bus toward Montebello. Exit at Santa Anita Ave and Lexington Gallatin. Walk north a short distance to the Lake entrance.


Whittier Narrows Recreational Area

Located in the City of El Monte, this 1,492 acre facility fronts the Rio Hondo tributary and is one of L.A. County's largest and most popular recreational areas. It features a range of activities including BMX biking, riding along equestrian trails, rifle ranges, and fishing in Legg Lake.

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