Long Beach Shoreline Paths

The end of the Lario Trail along the Los Angeles River separates into four distinct yet interconnected bikeways that branch throughout the shoreline area. Although not a high-speed or rigorous set of paths, this is a prime location for urban liveliness and local color. Long Beach has done a great job to make this area enticing for whatever your particular interest may be.


Queensway Bay Bike Path - The Queensway Bay Bike Path runs for almost a mile, starting from the RMS Queen Mary, along the shoreline, over the bridge at the estuary of the L.A. River, and back to where it meets the Shoreline Bike Path.

Shoreline Bike Path - The 1.1 mile Shoreline path starts at the lighthouse in Shoreline Aquatic Park, juts out and around the Aquarium and the Rainbow Park Lagoon in the other direction, then returns to the water, intersecting the Long Beach Marina Bike Path in one direction, and the Long Beach Bike Path, which heads south along the coast.

Long Beach Bike Path - The four-mile Long Beach path offers a longer, straighter excursion. Relatively uncongested, it starts at the corner of Shoreline and Pine and ends in Belmont Shore, at the Bayshore Aquatic Playground Park. If you really want a workout, keep going and find your way along the coast to Tijuana.

The Marina Bike Path - The Marina path is a simple spur that curves for .07 miles through the marina.


BIKE:From Los Angeles, take surface streets south toward the LaRio Bike Trail (start point at Rush Street and Loma Avenue) then head south to the end of trail in Long Beach.

TRANSIT: Take the Metro to Long Beach Station

CAR: Take the 110 or the 710 Freeways to Long Beach. Follow signs to Shoreline Drive. All the paths leave next to the water.


There are numerous street parking or pay-parking lots next to the starting points for all the rides.


Santa Cruz Park

1.9 acres with benches and located at the intersection of Shoreline and Ocean Boulevard.

Palm Beach Park

This little park overlooks the mud flats at the estuary where the shorebirds gathers.

Shoreline Aquatic Park

This park looks out on Long Beach harbor, right next to the end of the L.A. River. A lighthouse sits on a grassy knoll where meandering paths offer great vistas of the marina and surrounding area.

200 Aquarium Way, Long Beach

Phone: (562) 570-3100

Rainbow Lagoon Park

Rainbow Lagoon is designed in a traditional Japanese style with two connected islands and surrounding park with high arched "rainbow bridges."

Bixby Park

This 16.7 acre park features a band shell/stage, a community center, playground, a skate park, picnic area, and volleyball court. It was part of the original Rancho Los Alamitos owned by the Bixby family.

130 Cherry Avenue

Long Beach, CA 90802-6102

(562) 570-1601


The Long Beach Museum of Art, the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Queen Mary are the big attractions here.

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