Lower Arroyo Seco Nature Park

Oodles of untamed paths to explore as you saunter beneath historic bridges in this innovative wetlands restoration project. Try to float a small boat or rubber ducky down the creek, or watch the bicyclists speed along the in-channel path. The 2-mile path may be more of a hike than you're after, but for a small walk, try exploring the creek. Older kids might go for the archery range and training facility.

WARNING: This park has Poison Oak, keep an eye out and keep to the paths.


At the intersection of Norwood Drive and Arroyo Boulevard. Pasadena, CA 91105. Parking and restrooms are available.


CAR: Take the 110 Freeway and exit on Marmion Way. Turn left at Marmion Way and continue onto S. Avenue 64. Turn right on La Loma Road and then turn left when reaching La Loma Road and South San Rafael Avenue. Continue until reaching South Arroyo Boulevard and make a left.

TRANSIT: Take the Metro Gold Line and get off at the Del Mar Station. Head west on Del Mar Boulevard towards South Orange Grove Boulevard. From South Orange Boulevard make a left until reaching Arbor Street, where you will make a right towards South Arroyo Boulevard. On South Arroyo make another right until reaching the park.


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