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While many communities in the country were improving in the era of prosperity following post-WWII, Venice was on a downslide. Developer Abbot Kinney's Venice of America had vanished, leaving behind decaying relics of wooden amusement parks, unkempt canals, and dried-up oil wells.


This "slum by the ocean" came to attract artists looking for cheap rent and hopes of cultivating a counter-cultural haven for anyone who could not attain or rejected the ideals of post-war America. By the 1970s, due in part to the establishment of SPARC (Social And Public Art Resource Center) in the neighborhood, Venice would become home to a burgeoning muralist movement.


Today, the Venice boardwalk is dotted with incredibly detailed murals - some as tall as two story buildings - that many visitors pass by without even noticing. The Mural Tour maps out where you can find these artistic icons of Venice. Our guide identifies and locates murals by local artists R. Cronk, Emily Winters, Christina Scheslinger, and others that are clustered along the Venice Boardwalk. In addition, visit the Venice Art Walls on the beach to enjoy an ever-changing painting project.

Begin at the intersection of Pacific and Windward Avenue

Transit: From downtown bus stop at Spring/1st in Downtown LA, take the 733 Bus towards Santa Monica. Get off at Main/Grand and walk west about 2 minutes to the intersection of Pacific an Windward Ave.

Car: From the 10 Freeway West exit at 4th/5th St. Keep left at the fork, follow signs for 4 St. Turn left onto 4th St. and then take the third right onto Pico Blvd. Turn left onto Neilson Way and continue for about 2 miles as it turns into Pacific Ave and you will encounter Windward Ave.

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