Rio de Los Angeles State Park

This newly opened park has playgrounds, a soccer field, and a nature walk where you can see across the railroad tracks to the river.


Enter off San Fernando Road where San Fernando intersects with Future Street. Use the lot off San Fernando Road. Parking and restrooms are provided.


TRANSIT: Take the 94 Bus and get off at San Fernando and Future. The bus drops you off in front of the park.

CAR: Take the 110 Freeway and exit on N. Figueroa Street. Turn left at W. Avenue 26, then make a slight right onto N. San Fernando Road.


La Paloma Restaurant

1910 Cypress Avenue

Los Angeles, CA 90065-1223

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Tacos La Fonda

2135 North San Fernando Road

Los Angeles, CA 90065

(323) 221-0313

El Pescador Restaurant

2910 Division Street

Los Angeles, CA 90065-1216

(323) 223-8866

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