Beyond the beach, Venice is a wonderland of treats for pedestrians willing to explore. The community even has an area referred to by the locals as the "walk-streets." Each narrow passageway showcases a vibrant display of architectural and landscaping talent. Explore these pedestrian pathways that slice through scenic residential bungalows, cottages, and flourishing gardens.


Walk-streets include Marco Place, Ambroso Place and Nowita Place - west of Lincoln Boulevard and east of Shell Avenue - and residents there will be happy to greet you when traveling through their community with admiration and respect. For lunch or dinner, consider the plethora of options down the street on Lincoln Ave. Craving something grilled? Try Baby Blues BBQ. Hankering more for Mexican and seafood cuisine? Then don't miss Casablanca Restaurant. Have a perfect day walking and eating the best of Venice.

Begin at Amoroso Pl. and Lincoln Ave.

Transit: Transit: From the Spring/1st stop in Downtown LA take the 733 Bus towards Santa Monica. Disembark at Venice/Lincoln and walk about 5 minutes north along Lincoln Ave until you reach Amoroso Pl.

Car: From the 10 Freeway West take the exit toward Lincoln Blvd/CA-1S. Merge onto Olympic Blvd. Then turn left onto Lincoln Blvd and drive for about 2 miles. Amoros Pl. will be on your right.

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