Walking Central Plaza/West Plaza

Located in the heart of Chinatown Central Plaza and West Plaza are home to many shopping and dining options that reflect the spirit and history of this historic neighborhood.

These outdoor shopping centers, with their quaint and peaceful passageways, contain much to do and see, and upon arrival the busy sounds of North Broadway seem to melt away with the rest of the hustle and bustle.

As you enter Central Plaza through the "Gate of Filial Piety," you are greeted by the statue of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, the founder of the Republic of China. Check out one of the many souvenir shops, or if you're tired of the standard tourist fare, check out Ooga Booga, which sells art, books and music by various independent artists. If you want to take it slow, grab a Chinese pastry and a boba at the Wonder Bakery.

Walk over to West Plaza and watch the turtles and fish splash around the koi pond and wishing well located at the entrance. Grab some dim sum at the Empress Pavilion or head over to Full House Seafood, which is open late making it a great stop after a night on the town. The plaza is also home to Chung King Road, a small corridor lined with art galleries, showcasing works by some of L.A.'s up and coming artists.

Gate of Filial Piety | Photo by Sean_Yoda_Rouse used under a Creative Commons license


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