Paddle the L.A. River Program Sold Out In 2 Days

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Photo by U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District, used under a Creative Commons license

If you haven't secured your tickets to kayak down the Los Angeles River, you'll have to wait until next summer. Yasmin Mero-Corona of the of the LA Conservation Corps tells us that by midnight of July 17 (the first day tickets went on sale) 91 percent of Paddle the L.A. River tickets were already snatched up. The next day, all 1,130 tickets sold.

A similar program run by L.A. River Expeditions with the San Joaquin River Stewardship program also sold out in the same time.

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This summer's kayaking trips travel the same path as last year's experimental program on the Sepulveda Basin. By next year, Mero-Corona hopes the program will further expand to a soft-bottomed stretch of the Glendale Narrows, or at least closer to the downtown area.

With this summer's trips just under way, the Conservation Corps and its partners, the Mountains Recreation & Conservation Authority, Urban Semillas, The River Project, as well as The City of Los Angeles and The US Army Corps of Engineers, still have their hands full, but Mero-Corona still has her fingers crossed, "Maybe next year, we or someone else will be running a pilot program in the Narrows to see how that will work. I figure the more people we get and expose them to the river that would be great!

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