Visceral Sculptures Unveiled Along New L.A. River Walking Path in Studio City


At the intersection of Radford Avenue and Valleyheart Drive is a new beautiful space to walk, sit and think about the human condition. It's called the Radford Art Walk, a product of collaboration between the CBS Studio Center and the Studio City Beautification Association (SCBA), which debuted today with support from advocacy organizations of the Los Angeles River and the immediate community.

Along its two-block walking path--which will eventually connect to the Los Angeles River Bike Path--installations by local Studio City artist Karl Johnson are placed in peculiar contrast to familiar garden themes. Juxtaposed with landscaping by Dirt Diva Designs, which is run by the SCBA Vice President Francesca Corra and promotes designs for personal enjoyment, the Art Walk elicits dark thoughts. Using steel, stone, ceramics, glass, leather and wood -- conventional tools for Johnson, whose works are featured throughout Los Angeles -- the sculptures illustrate the crudeness of human life, with ominous depictions of "death by credit card debt" and heroic mortality.

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For a Brother's Grimm-esque place for reflection near the CBS Studios or a detour from bottleneck traffic near Ventura and Laurel Canyon, pass through and see for yourself, just make sure you are in the right mood.



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