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Proposal To Ban Amplified Music From Ice Cream Trucks

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Photo by drugfreedave

Are ice cream trucks too loud? One politician seems to think so.

Long Beach councilman Dee Andrews is taking steps to ban ice cream vendors from playing amplified music from their trucks while they are serving up cones and other frozen treats.

The measure would require ice cream truck operators to comply with the city's noise ordinance and prevent the playing of any music when the trucks are parked. "Currently, there are no laws on the books regulating the trucks from playing music while they are parked,'' Andrews said.

After recieving complaints from residents throughout the years about the noise level of ice cream trucks, Andrews said the music is becoming more of a nuisance as the number of trucks steadily increase.

If the council supports Andrews' proposal, the City Attorney's Office would have 30 days to return with a draft ordinance. Santa Ana, Fullerton and Anaheim have already passed laws restricting music from ice cream trucks, while Costa Mesa has completely banned amplified music from the vehicles.

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