During potato harvest season in the Potato Park in Cusco, Peru, the mountains are dotted with farmers cultivating potatoes in every hue found in the rainbow. | International Potato Center


In partnership with KCETLink, the UCLA Laboratory for Environmental Narrative Strategies (LENS) launched a year-long collaboration (2017-2018) to experiment with different models and media for reporting environmental stories. The collaboration also involved extensive contributions from faculty and MFA students in UCLA’s documentary film program in the School of Theater, Film and Television.

The third series in this partnership is the multimedia storyline "Sustainable Food Futures,” which explores current innovations and visions for ecological, equitable food systems. Looking beyond both agribusiness and farm-to-table, the following stories cover diverse possibilities for the future of sustainable food in our region that also draw on long histories of cultivation and eating. They feature restaurants as both biodiversity labs and income equality advocates, staple crops and ancient proteins as resilient foods for the future, and culinary professions as important as farmers and other food producers to sustainable and just diets in an urban context like Los Angeles.