5 Holiday Pies That Will Sweeten Up Your Thanksgiving Table

Nothing says "Thanksgiving" better than a delicious seasonal pie. Here are five holiday pies that are guaranteed to sweeten up your Thanksgiving table.

Rum Pumpkin Chiffon Pie
Photo: Courtesy of Cook's Country

1. Rum Pumpkin Chiffon Pie

Crunchy gingersnap cookies sprinkled over the finished pie and a healthy glug of rum turned this pie into a festive showstopper.

Cranberry-Ginger Pear Pie
Photo: Courtesy of Cook's Illustrated

2. Cranberry-Ginger Pear Pie

While pumpkin, apple, and pecan pies all have their place, this Cranberry-Ginger Pear Pie recipe creates a new classic to liven up our holiday spread.

Deep-Dish Apple Pie
Photo: Courtesy of America's Test Kitchen

3. Deep-Dish Apple Pie

This one's for those of you who prefer a higher filling-to-crust ratio. America's Test Kitchen says to precook a mix of tart and sweet apples so that the pie fits twice as much fruit. Voila! Deep-dish pie.

4. Cranberry Pie

I think cranberry sauce is overrated. I like turkey without it, and I don't love it mixing with the mashed potatoes. I prefer cranberries as the star of a dish, and the perfect way to showcase them at Thanksgiving is in a pie. This recipe, courtesy of my grandmother, is a favorite at my family's Thanksgiving (especially for my chocolate-hating grandfather). It's a great addition to a holiday pie line-up, and they're a great contrast to sweeter pies, like apple and pumpkin. Serve it with some also-not-too-sweet homemade whipped cream and relish the Thanksgiving awesomeness.

Global Gardens' Pecan Pie

5. Global Gardens' Olive Oil Pecan Pie

While it adds a ton of flavor to turkey, sweet potatoes and pastas, the Mission Manzanilla extra virgin olive oil, which has hints of sage, is actually elemental to her pecan pie recipe. She uses it instead of butter in the crust and in the filling. "It just complements the sweetness so well," she says.

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Top photo: vxla/Flickr/Creative Commons License


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