5 Traditional Thanksgiving Side Dishes Made Easy

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, the thought of hosting friends and family can be a stressful. Here are five great traditional Thanksgiving dishes that are simple but delicious.

1. French-Style Mashed Potatoes 

This French-style mashed potatoes recipe from Cook's Illustrated requires less work than most and goes well with any meal.

Photo: Courtesy of FIG Santa Monica

2. Chile de Arbol- And Orange Glazed-Carrots

I'm digging this simple, but very flavorful, carrot dish from FIG Santa Monica. It'd be great on the Thanksgiving table, since root vegetables spiced up in new and fun ways is, I think, the secret to an excellent Thanksgiving feast. Plus it's vegetarian! Add herbs and slices of preserved lemon to the finished dish if you like, but it's delicious without them!

3. Pecan Praline Crusted Yams

This is one of the simplest dishes you might serve at your holiday table, but you can bet it'll be in the running for most popular. The recipe is based on one used by Chef Josiah Citrin's mother. He now serves an upscale version at his Santa Monica restaurant, Mélisse, which can also be found in his cookbook, "In Pursuit of Excellence."

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Photo: Courtesy of Nick + Stef's

4. Szechwan Long Beans With Pink Peppercorn

Megan Logan, the executive chef at L.A. establishment Nick + Stef's, created this dish once upon a time ... and it's been a customer favorite ever since. It would make a great addition to any holiday spread, especially because the flavors are just a touch unexpected. This recipe is obviously meant for an enormous crowd; decrease as necessary!

5. ​Sauteed Green Beans With Garlic And Herbs

Cook's Illustrated has an extremely easy take on a classic Thanksgiving side dish. You can add it to your vegetarian holiday menu!


Top photo: dcJohn/Flickr/Creative Commons License

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