5 Ways to Celebrate National Watermelon Day


These food holidays don't always make a lot of sense, but this is one that comes at precisely the right time of year. Enjoy the fruit in the 5 following incarnations!


Sweet and Savory Watermelon Salad: Kajon Cermak, KCRW's beloved traffic reporter, shared her favorite summer dish with us.

Watermelon-Feta-Corn Salad: So colorful! Just make sure you let the corn cool before you add the watermelon, and you're on your way to summer bliss.

Watermelon Mary: This is a summer cocktail so perfect, you don't have to wait until brunch to drink it.

Watermelon with Rosé: Watermelon is pure hot weather happiness and outside of its complementary color, a surprisingly apt accompaniment to rosé.

Watermelon Sorbet: Sweeten the fruit up even more in this delightfully chilly dessert.

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