9 Ways to Celebrate National Ice Cream Month



Ice cream is just the best. Whoever invented it should've gotten an award of some sort -- that's just a fact. Having July named National Ice Cream Month is something of a consolation prize ... at least to us, the eaters! Below are links to our favorite varieties. Enjoy!

Buy It!
L.A.'s Ice Cream: We've got some pretty great options in this city. And the photos are gorgeous.

Beer Floats at Golden State: Well sure. Why not? Turn your float into an adult treat!

Chocolate Ice Cream: From Fenton's, Sweet Rose, Margot's, and more, the best chocolate ice cream around the state.


Make It!
Apple Pie Ice Cream with Cinnamon Sauce: You get all the apple pie flavor without needing to bake!

Maple Ice Cream: This one also comes with a pumpkin cake recipe. Make one, make both, do whatever you want with it!

Banana Splits: Find inspiration in this photo gallery.

Spiced Grapefruit Sorbet: This is a reader-submitted recipe, and it is unusual and fantastic.

Raspberry Sorbet: The best way to ensure it doesn't get too icy.

Corn Ice Cream: The ingredient seem unconventional, but we promise, it works!

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