A Healthier Fried Rice Recipe


The new Chi Lin in West Hollywood offers "Hong Kong-style" food, which means heavily Chinese with a lot of international elements thrown in the mix. This particular dish aims to add more nutrients to a Cantonese classic ... which is a pretty Californian twist.

The recipe calls for Akeya rice, which is a blend of brown rice and various other grains. It's a bit hard to find (though you could make your own mix from bulk bins at your local hippie grocer), but I did track down this online purveyor of Akeya mix that's based in SoCal. I haven't worked with them myself, so I make no promises, but here's the link. Enjoy!

Healthier Fried Rice
Serves 2
1 cup Akeya Rice
1 Egg
1 oz Minced Ginger
1 oz Chopped Scallions
Salt, to taste

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Steam the Akeya rice for 30 minutes. Set aside.

Beat the egg together and scramble in the wok. Add ginger and rice and sauté together. Season with salt and garnish with chopped scallions.

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