An L.A. Super Bowl Snack Menu


Los Angeles may not have a presence in the Super Bowl -- heck, we don't even field a team at all -- but there's no reason we have to be excluded from the partying. Or the fantastic snacks, which everyone knows is the real reason for the (end of the football) season.

What Los Angeles lacks in a football team we make up for in delicious, regional party bites that make use of the ingredients and ingenuity native to Southern California. Here's our L.A. Super Bowl party snack menu. Click the links to get the recipes, and enjoy!

Sriracha Chicken Wings: Sriracha is made in the San Gabriel Valley, and it's practically a law that every house in SoCal keep a bottle of it at all times. Here it's added to the most classic of sports-related recipes.

Furikake Kettle Corn: Roy Choi is a food innovator -- after all he created the Kogi food truck empire. At his Palms restaurant A-Frame, he throws popcorn together with everything from chile flakes to Corn Pops. And bacon, of course.

Ground Beef and Pickle Tacos: Malo's "East L.A.-style Chicano food" is pure comfort, and these tacos are a highlight of the menu. They're simple to make, and absurdly delicious.

[Photo by Flickr user KayOne73]