Balsamic-Honey Roasted Strawberries

Balsamic-Honey Roasted Strawberries
Balsamic-Honey Roasted Strawberries

When you pull these balsamic-honey roasted strawberries out of the oven, you may be tempted to lick up every last bit of jammy sweetness right on the spot. If you manage to contain yourself, the tender strawberries and their rich syrup make a fantastic accompaniment to countless dishes. A spoonful at breakfast instantly transforms the usual yogurt, porridge, or toast. At dessert you'll want to serve roasted strawberries with ice cream, panna cotta, and cake. Roasted strawberries are even useful in the hors d'oeuvre department: try them atop a goat cheese crostini with a good crack of black pepper.

Here in Southern California we have strawberries practically year-round, but they aren't always at peak flavor. If you find yourself with a basket of lackluster berries, roasting them will draw out their sweetness. If you've been overzealous at the U-Pick farm or farmers' market, this recipe can help you deal with a glut and provides a tasty change of pace from fresh strawberries. Delicious hot or cold, they will last up to a week in the fridge.

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Balsamic-Honey Roasted Strawberries
Makes about 1 cup

1 1/2 pounds (2 pints) strawberries, hulled
2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons honey
Splash of Grand Marnier, Cointreau, or other orange liqueur (optional)

Preheat the oven to 375°F. Line a rimmed baking sheet with parchment paper.

Cut smaller strawberries in half or larger strawberries into quarters.

Whisk together the balsamic vinegar, honey and liqueur (if using). Add to the strawberries and toss gently to coat.

Spread the strawberries in a single layer on the prepared baking sheet. Roast until the strawberries are softened and the juices are bubbling, about 30 minutes.

Serve immediately or let cool and refrigerate for up to a week.

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