Brunch-Happy L.A. Celebrates National Eggs Benedict Day

No one brunches quite like Los Angeles. Walk through Los Feliz, Silver Lake, the Sunset Strip, or any of L.A.'s neighborhoods on any given mid-morning and you'll see the outdoor seating areas of cafés and diners packed with business folk discussing their latest venture or freelancers just enjoying the sun. And one of the favorite brunch dishes of suit and slacker alike is the Eggs Benedict, the iconic dish featuring an English muffin topped with poached eggs, Hollandaise sauce, and meat of various kinds. So today we celebrate National Eggs Benedict Day by showcasing the best L.A. variations on the dish.

[Photo of the Eggs Benedict at L.A.'s famed Barney's Beanery by Flickr user sdbj.]
[A fancy lobsterized version of the Eggs Benedict from Jar Restaurant, photo by Flickr user KayOne73.]
[A crabcake Eggs Benedict from Los Feliz's Alcove, photo by Flickr user KayOne73.]
[An Eggs Benedict with poached eggs, Canadian bacon, spinach, and hollandaise sauce from Bottega Louie, photo by Flickr user Muy Yum.]
[Photo of the garden Eggs Benedict from L.A.'s Kitchen 24 by Flickr user Muy Yum.]

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[The Eggs Benedict burger, available at Ray's and Stark Bar at the LACMA. Photo by Flickr user secretpizza.]
[The Creole Benedict, an Eggs Benedict with a crabcake, available at the Pacific Dining Car. Photo by Flickr user andhong09.]
[A classic Eggs Benedict from Cindy's Restaurant in Eagle Rock, photo by Flickr user calamity_hane.]
[Eggs Benedict from Stefan's in Santa Monica, photo by Flickr user KayOne73.]
[Eggs Benedict from the Aroma Bakery, photo by Flickr user eviloars.]

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