California Foraging: Hahamongna

Everywhere you turn in California, there's something to eat -- if you know what to look for.

Foragers Mia Wasilevich and Pascal Baudar of Transitional Gastronomy shop at the grocery store, but they also head out into the woods regularly, carrying backpacks and knives and compasses, finding edible plants scattered across public lands. They like it so much they've turned it into a business, with Pascal leading interested food nerds out into the woods to collect cattails, purslane, wild radishes and more, while Mia cooks up a feast using wild ingredients.

Eli Newell went out on one such veggie hunt with Pascal, and learned about native versus invasive plants in Southern California's parks (which do you guess peaches are?), ate flowers, and asked Pascal just why, exactly, he makes a habit of rubbing poison oak on his face. Enjoy the video, and be cautiously hungry out there!



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