Carb Load for National French Bread Day

French bread is like water, or maybe tomatoes, or even California's ubiquitous avocado. It's always just kind of hanging around, in salads, in soups, as the long delicious treat holding your sandwich together. But it's never really savored as something extraordinary and delectable on its own. So the decision to name today as National French Bread Day -- by whatever murky and mystical committee decides such things -- is a good one. Finally, we can appreciate the wonder that is the French bread (or "baguette," if you want to get all fancy about it) in the only way we know how: By providing you a gallery of the various delicious-looking ways it's used. Enjoy!

The Artery Clogger sandwich with gouda, asiago, caramelized onion, truffle butter and a sphere of homemade beef broth, all on French bread, at L.A.'s Grilled Cheese Invitational. Photo by kellybone/Flickr.
Image of delicious French bread by adactio/Flickr.
Photo of French bread heading into the oven by Bordecia34/Flickr.
Photo of sliced French bread by kthread/Flickr.

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Gorgeous photo of delicious-looking French onion soup, with some bread floating around, by rick/Flickr.
Hot ham sandwich on French bread photo by jeffreyw/Flickr.
The ever-pliable French bread makes an appearance in this gorgeous Bocconcini Garlic Bread by Geoff Peter 604/Flickr.
Photo of V.B.Q. sandwich by vxla/Flickr.
Photo of French bread pizza by stevendepolo/Flickr.
An amazing creation made of leftovers and French bread by uberculture/Flickr.

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