Carnivorous L.A.'s Favorite Hamburgers

With the official summer months inching ever closing on the horizon, it's time to start wiping down that grill, making sure the burners are still functional, and getting it prepped for action. And while hot dogs, sausages and, sure why not, vegetables are fine and dandy to grill up outside in the sunshine, it is a scientifically-proven fact that those options are not as satisfying as a perfectly-formed, expertly-cooked, and intricately-topped hamburger. And, as evidenced by the massive amount of options available here, L.A. loves its burgers. So today, we celebrate the glory of Hamburger Month by providing a gallery of the most delectable and appetizing hamburgers around town. We are a city blessed with a plethora of burgers, so we couldn't possible include all of the best hamburgers in Los Angeles here. What are your favorites?

[A burger with scallions, black olives, baby greens, grilled onions, fried egg, gruyère, and caramelized onion marmalade from The Counter. Photo by Flickr user LWY.]
[Photo of burger from Pasadena's Pie n' Burger by Flickr user LWY.]
[The Baja Burger, with jack cheese, avocado and crisp bacon, from Barney's Gourmet Hamburgers in L.A. Photo by Flickr user Ron Dollete.]
[The controversial burger-on-bread from Father's Office. Photo by Flickr user Muy Yum.[
[The perfect In-N-Out burger, photo by Flickr user Lys*.]

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[Photo of a burger from Short Order, in The Grove's Farmer's Market, by Flickr user stevejin.]
[A classic Fatburger, photo by Flickr user dopey.]
[A good-lookin' homemade hamburger by L.A. resident Flickr user wiseacre.]
[Photo of a burger from L.A.'s Apple Pan by Flickr user KayOne73.]
[The Umami truffle burger, photo by Flickr user Yogma.]
[Photo of two burgers from L.A.'s Patty Wagon by Flickr user ubray02.]

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