Celebrate 'Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day' With These Cheesy Recipes


Of all the made-up "food holidays" in America, National Cheese Sacrifice Purchase Day is the most befuddling. The name alone is barely understandable. But, it does offer an excuse to eat more cheese. Apparently the holiday came about from the tradition of filling mouse traps with cheese: you'd sacrifice your purchase in the name of eradicating vermin. That's probably not necessary anymore, so just buy the cheese and eat it yourself. We've got some recipes below, as well as info on our favorite California-made cheeses.


Perfect grilled cheese sandwiches: We came up with a selection of the best methods of making truly crave-worthy grilled cheese sandwiches.

Beer cheese crackers with beer cheese spread: This is the ultimate sports-watching snack. But homemade, so even better!

Saag paneer: Make your own Indian-style cheese for this healthy vegetarian dinner.

Herb and ricotta cheese souffle: Ricotta is a light cheese, making it perfectly for delicate (but easy to make!) souffles.

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If you'd like to use cheese made in California, we've got you covered on the ingredients front, too. Our favorite dairies and cheesemakers below:

Soledad Goats: This Mojave Desert goat farm treats their animals with love and respect -- and you can taste the difference in the cheese.

12 California cheeses everyone should know: A primer covering the most important -- for varying reasons -- cheeses in the state.

The best California cheese: For pure tastiness, these are the fromages to know. And eat.

California's best artisanal cheese: The small-batch purveyors that are worth seeking out.



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