Celebrate National Potato Day in L.A.

This Sunday the 19th is National Potato Day! Potatoes are a key ingredient in many of America's favorite snacks -- frankly, the best snacks -- and Los Angeles restaurants know how to handle them expertly. Whether you like yours in a taco shell, or fried up and served alongside your favorite meat-in-bun, we've got some celebration inspiration for you in our gallery of L.A. potatoes. Gear up for eating!

French fries with ketchup and aioli at Cabbage Patch | photo by flickr user Muy Yum
The Bazaar's Papas Canarias: salted potatoes with mojo verde sauce | photo by flickr user Larry Halff
Potato gnocchi with tomato sauce and spinach at Mosto Enoteca | photo by flickr user Muy Yum
Grand Prix pizza at Mr. Pizza Factory in Koreatown | photo by flickr user Vincent Diamante
Chili dogs and fries at Pink's | photo by flickr user Ernesto Andrade
Laker Baker potatoes from Weiser Family Farms | photo by flickr user Muy Yum
El Atacor's potato tacos | Photo courtesy KCET
Piggy Fries at The Oinkster in Eagle Rock | Photo courtesy of The Oinkster
Lomo Saltado at Mario's Peruvian | photo by flickr user Muy Yum

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Mashed potatoes from Tender Greens | photo by flickr user LA Wad
Truffle fries at Wurstküche | photo by flickr user Sharyn Morrow
Spicy chicken sausage and potato omelette at Urth Caffé | photo by flickr user Ed Kwon
Seaweed mashed potatoes at Ink LA | photo by flickr user One More Bite Blog
Smushed potatoes at Umami Burger | photo by flickr user Muy Yum

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