Chloe's Takes Golden Road on a Different Path

In case you haven't been on the internet in about a year, there's a big ol' brewery in Atwater Village called Golden Road. They're proud to brew on site and pour the results of their craft into 'honest pint' cans, a sort of modern convergence of art and function. They make a lot of IPAs too, if you weren't aware. Oh, and just a heads up, their pub is one great place for a Midnight Snack. So what could busy bees Tony Yanow and Meg Gill possibly be up to now?

That answer is strictly private. Well, partially private, I suppose. See, the Golden Road pub and brewing compound out by the tracks is adding a more intimate dining and sipping space in the near future, known as Chloe's. The wood-lined pub is a smaller, more intimate affair compared to the airy hangar that is their year-old party pub up front. So, instead of enjoying the cement patio or strips of fake grass surrounding the casual pub, more intense beer aficionados can find themselves further back at Chloe's, slowly savoring a tulip glass under vintage brewery signs.

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So far, the 200-seat space is still in start-up mode, with preview nights on their way and an eventual end-of-year rollout to the public. To start, they'll offer a handful of reservations to make sure things run smoothly from the taps and the revamped kitchen. Plates here will be comprised of higher-end fare, with a focus on fulfilling meals that compliment the craft beer and allow patrons to linger. There will also be space available for meetings, conferences, birthday parties, or any other gathering of like-minded people who also happen to want to drink some freshly-brewed beer.

And as for that private business? Chloe's is also hoping to become a once-a-week station for beer industry folks to come and congregate in peace. The occasional closed door, Golden Road says, is a fun way to keep the Los Angeles craft beer community close, and for those interested parties to be able to sit and talk shop with other knowledgeable friends in the scene. So far, there are no plans to charge a membership fee, just a deep dedication to the business of brewing. And there will never be a velvet rope.

But perhaps the single best thing to come from Chloe's will be the emergence of a barrel-aged beer program for Golden Road. Here, the team will be able to test small batches of some experimental brews in recycled wooden barrels, meaning the beer will take on the flavors and profile of whatever wine or liquor was in there before. And, by sitting down at the bar inside Chloe's, you'll be able to test the results in real time, right on site. Beyond that, it's always nice to have a quiet, subtler space to enjoy craft beer in Los Angeles. And if you're already a craft beer professional, once a week you'll have a private place to enjoy ... more craft beer.

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