CLOSED. Win a Year of Fresh Produce From Abundant Harvest Organics



We want to give you a chance to win a year of fresh, organic, California-grown produce!

KCET Food is partnering with Abundant Harvest Organics to give away a year-long CSA membership.


CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Here's how it works: small organic farms from across the state partner with Abundant Harvest to sell their produce. Consumers sign up for biweekly delivery of these wonderful products. Farmers are happy, the earth is happy, your mouth is happy!

To be entered to win, simply sign up below to receive the KCET Food Finds newsletter, a weekly email that includes exclusive recipes and the best of our food coverage. Before you do, be sure to check out Abundant Harvest's list of pickup locations and delivery zones. Our winner will receive the prize every other week for all of 2014, so you want to make sure you (or whoever you win it for) are in one of Abundant Harvest's zones!

Everyone who enters will also receive a PDF copy of Abundant Harvest's Fall Recipe Book, a collection of farmers' favorites, all of them seasonally-appropriate.

The contest ends December 16, 2013 at 4 p.m. PST. We think this would make an excellent holiday gift for someone special in your life! (But we wouldn't blame you if you wanted to keep it for yourself.)

If you're already a Food Finds subscriber, you can enter to win this contest via the newsletter. Look for it Thursday!




Click here to see contest rules (PDF)

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