Cocktail Recipe: Lavender Margarita


Margaritas are something of an art form in Los Angeles, and there are many, many ways to create them. This one, from Whiskey Blue at W Los Angeles -- Westwood, adds a little crème de violette to the mix, making it a frilly, fun little drink. (I say little, but be careful: it's these sweet ones that'll get ya.)

If you don't have any fresh violets, garnish with any other bright, edible flower. A sunny red-orange nasturtium would look great against the lavender drink.

(And remember, simple syrup is just sugar water. Easy to make at home, or throw some sugar and some water into the glass. Most folks won't know the difference.)

Lavender Margarita

2 ½ oz Silver Tequila
½ oz Cointreau
½ oz Crème de Violette
¼ oz fresh lime juice
¼ oz simple syrup

Serve in a martini glass, garnish with lime and a flower.

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