Do You Eat Lunch At Your Desk?

My shockingly unhealthy lunch today, eaten at my desk.
My shockingly unhealthy lunch today, eaten at my desk.

As a person interested in food, you're probably familiar with the term "mindless eating." It describes, for instance, the noshing we all do when we're cooking, tasting everything as we go and snacking on the extra ingredients. It's also the word for eating treats while watching TV -- the whole "I looked down and the bag was empty!" phenomenon.

But mindless eating doesn't just happen when we're at home. It happens at work, too. Especially if you eat at your desk.

Californians have a reputation for both healthy living and working hard. They're both true, but they don't necessarily mesh well. Because for most urban dwellers, "working hard" means sitting at a desk for most of your waking hours. And we don't usually have the time, or the cash, to go out to eat every weekday.

So we eat at our desks. I know I do it just about every day, and I'm supposed to be the right-living, health-first hippie around here.

And when you're eating at your desk, you're taking bites in between answering emails and trolling YouTube. And you're overeating.

But we all do it, right? Or do we? Let's find out once and for all. How many of us are eating at our desks on a regular basis? Answer in the poll below, and leave tell us about your lunch habits in the comments!

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