Does Green Salad Have A Place At The Thanksgiving Table?

Photo: smcgee/Flickr/Creative Commons License

There is a fight raging in the United States that must be put to rest as soon as possible. The future of the nation depends on its citizens reaching a consensus.

Does green salad have a place at the Thanksgiving table?

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Those I've questioned seem to fall into two categories: one group sort of nods in weary assent, saying that it's probably a good thing to get some roughage after eating all that beige. The other group seems shocked to even consider such a notion: a salad at Thanksgiving?! An outrage!

So we need to know. Answer in the poll below -- no need to pretend to want to eat virtuously; this is anonymous -- what is your enthusiastic, honest answer? America depends on you. (And explain yourself in the comments!)

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