Don't Be A Waffler On International Waffle Day

While most of the food-based holidays we celebrate are cut-and-dry affairs -- with whatever cloak-based committee deciding on a day and sticking with it -- there's a bit of a mini-controversy surrounding the celebration of waffles. You see, there's two completely separate holidays for the delicious tic-tac-toe-shaped piece of dough. America celebrates National Waffle Day on August 24th, but the International version -- wherein the entire world comes together to chow down on waffles -- was yesterday, March 25th. So today, a day late, we give you a gallery of the most delectable waffles we could find.

[Photo of waffle/fried chicken combo from L.A.'s own Roscoe's Chicken and Waffles by LWY/Flickr.]
[Photo of waffle/chicken combo from Bru's Wiffle in Santa Monica by LWY/Flickr.]
[Another shot of Roscoe's, because if anything deserves two photos on Waffle Day it's them, by LosAnheles/Flickr.]
[Image of "Morning Melt," a waffle-based Grilled Cheese Invitational delicacy, by kelly bone/Flickr.]
[Photo of delicious-looking sweet-tooth-happy waffles by WordRidden/Flickr.]
[Whatever this waffle concoction is something that we want in our stomachs, post-haste. Photo by lalawren/Flickr.]

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[Classic and beautifully photographed waffle photo by Qfamily/Flickr.]
[Waffled Croque Madame creation by pinguino/Flickr.]
[Lovely heart-shaped waffle by Shawn Allen/Flickr.]
[Way too decadent-looking Banana Bread Waffles by joyocity/Flickr.]

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