Drink Away Your Valentine's Day

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There is no more polarizing holiday than Valentine's Day. Sad people, lonely people, couples, anyone trying not to spend $200 at dinner, anyone trying to go out for dinner at all, people who are pretty sure Hallmark made it all up to sell more cards - everyone has something to gripe about on February 14th. Thankfully, we can all put our differences aside for one common truth: beer is great.

And because beer is the common man's preferred choice of inebriation, there's no need to slap on a tie or shimmy into a dress for the night. Instead, we've found some of the best craft beer deals all over the city, no reservation required.

At Mohawk Bend, you can opt for the $30 three-course meal in the back dining area, or stick to the bar and sip on the same beer deals. You can snag a premium beer flight for $15, or keep things low key with a $10 selection of everyday favorites. At The Surly Goat in West Hollywood, enjoy some seriously special sips from New York's Ommegang Brewery. The world class brewers are known for their intricate Belgian ales, and they'll be unleashing kegs of Rare Vos, Duvel Single, Art of Darkness and more, all night long. Plus, if you show up early, you can take an Ommegang glass home with you for that special beer drinker in your life. In Culver City, you can shoulder past the coupled-up crowd and head straight to the bar at City Tavern for their discount beer flights and priced-to-move bottles of wine. Snag a seat at the bar or sit outside under the heat lamps and enjoy the evening air with drink in hand.

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Perhaps you're looking for a place to skip all that Valentine's nonsense altogether. If so, try Koreatown. Beer Belly is a meat-heavy and hops-lusting beer spot on Western, and they couldn't care less about love. Stop by and grab a table for an evening of no-nonsense beers and great food. If you're in Santa Monica, The Daily Pint will be doing the same exact thing they do every day: provide some of the best craft beers in Los Angeles. You won't find paper hearts strung from corner to corner, or love ballads playing through the speakers. Just beer, on tap, in all its glory.

At Bigfoot West on Venice Blvd. in Culver City, they're going so far as to throw a Stupid Cupid party. Enjoy canned craft beers, whiskey and cocktails from the attentive bartenders while you dance to '80s music and remind yourself that tonight is just like any other night. Or, if you can't even stand the idea of leaving your house later today, head out now for a bottle of AleSmith's My Bloody Valentine, a yearly seasonal release with a bold red color and malty finish. Make yourself some dinner (or order in a pizza) and relax in the fact that you didn't have to brave the insufferable crowds that come with this Frankenholiday. Then pop the bottle and enjoy the rest of your night.

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