Drinking Cinco de Mayo: A Cucumber Lavender Margarita from Tortilla Republic


Cinco de Mayo is going down this Saturday, and with it a lot of tequila drinking. We're gathering some of our favorite margarita recipes from around town in anticipation of Saturday -- which, it's important to remember, is not Mexican Independence Day. Rather, May 5 is the anniversary of an 1862 battle the Mexican army won over the French. We're not sure how that day became so associated with margaritas, but hey, we'll take it. This one comes courtesy of West Hollywood's Tortilla Republic -- conduct a taste test between this one and The Tasting Kitchen's mezcal version!

2 oz. Case Noble Organic Tequila (or any 100% agave silver tequila)
2-3 slices of cucumber (muddled)
1.5 oz. fresh squeezed lime juice
0.75 oz. lavender infused simple syrup (buy from a farmer's market or a specialty grocery, or make your own by soaking fresh lavender in simple syrup for 3-5 days)

Shake. Pour into a glass, on the rocks. Garnish with cucumber with fresh lavender (bamboo skewer optional).

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