Fair Trade California

Fair Trade products are still relatively hard to find, even in our progressive state. Here at the end of Free Trade Month, we look at free trade products available in California, and where to find them.

Did you make a point of buying Free Trade products this October?

Fair trade coffee at SunPower Natural Cafe in Studio City. Image by Flickr user greenlagirl
Fair trade Tea from siptea in Santa Monica.
Fair trade wine that can be bought at Co-opportunity in Santa Monica. Image by Flickr user greenlagirl

Purple rice and fresh edamame, which can be bought at AlterEco in San Francisco

Fair trade drinks! Fair Vodka can be found in a number of L.A. eateries.

Equal Exchange tea. Image by Flickr user Lauren PM

Fair trade Honest Tea. Image by Flickr user iateapie

Fair trade spices from Santa Barbara's The Spicy Gourmet.

Additional reporting by Yoli Martinez

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