Food Weekend: Cookbook Family Tree, Night Market, Tax Relief


If you've waited until this final weekend to hunker down with your various receipts, forms and abacus to get your taxes done, well, feel free to skip this post entirely. It's just going to make you sad, knowing that if you would have performed your civic duty earlier, you would have been able to take advantage of this weekend's massive food-related offerings.

Want to get your learnin' on? Saturday morning, the Culinary Historians of Southern California will be getting all high-fallutin' with a lecture by Anne Willan at the downtown L.A. branch of the public library. The lecture, titled "The Cookbook Family Tree," will discuss the first four printed cookbooks and their mysterious origins. As part of her lecture, Millan will be showcasing her unique "cookbook tree," a visual guide showing how all current cookbooks can be traced back to these original four.

In Pasadena, 80 vendors will be on hand to open the first (626) Night Market, a late night Asian market that will provide mouth-watering foods and a festive environment. From 5pm until 11:30PM (rain or shine, hopefully more shine than rain), local entrepreneurs will be showcasing their products to the bustling crowds. There will also be all sorts of contests and free give-aways which, you know, are awesome, because they are free.

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If you are doing your taxes, and in the mood for a little breather from your 1099s and W-2s, head on over to Lexington Social House in Hollywood. From Friday through next Tuesday, if you mention "Tax Day 2012," you'll get a full 17% off your bill. That should be enough to cover 1/1000th of what you owe Uncle Sam!

And finally, celebrate our local Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees, the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Guns N' Roses, in the most rockin' way possible: by eating ice cream flavors created in their honor! All weekend at 800 Degrees in Westwood, they will be scooping L.A. Creamery's two new artisan choices: "Chocolate, Sugar, Red Hot, Magik" (milk chocolate ice cream, with cinnamon and shaved red hot peppers) and "Sweet & Salty Whiskey of Mine" (salted Tennessee Whiskey Ice Cream).

For more food events visit kcet.org/events/food.

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