Food Weekend: Palm Springs, Bite-Sized Foods, Jam Class, Franklin Village Street Fest


Lather on some lotion and don the hats, this weekend's all about getting out and hitting the wide array of street fests happening in L.A.

Starting this Friday and going through next week, if you happen to find yourself heading east, the fifth installment of the Palm Springs Restaurant Week will be taking over the desert. Restaurants in Palm Springs, Indio, and every small town in between will be offering a fixed-price three-course meal for either $24 or $36 per person, depending on the place. There will also be all sorts of events and deals from non-food establishments during the event.

On Saturday, the popular Hester St. Fair is taking a trip from New York all the way to Hollywood for the Bite Size Food and Craft Festival. Small portions will be all the rage, as chefs from L.A.'s favorite restaurants offer up "bite-sized" selections so people can sample as wide a range of dishes as their stomachs will allow. The normal assortment of food trucks and vendors will be parked and showcasing their wares as well.

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Sunday morning, way up in Goleta, Goodland Kitchen and Market is offering a five-hour course on how to create your own jams and jellies. The class will be taught by master food preserver Cindy Shipp, and each participant will get to take home their own jar of jam and jelly. The whole thing isn't cheap, at $50 per student. Still, if you're on a five-bottles-of-jam-a-week habit like us, that will quickly add up to all sorts of savings.

And Sunday afternoon, the 5900 block of Franklin Avenue will be shut down (bad for traffic!) for the 11th annual Franklin Village Street Festival (good for live festival'ing!). Live music will be playing inside the block's restaurants, while the streets will be littered with local vendors and craft makers will be selling their items. The fest also promises plenty of activities for children to do throughout the day, which, you know, it's always good to keep them occupied.

For more food events visit kcet.org/events/food.

[Photo of the New York version of the Hester St. Fair from Flickr user Stacie Joy for CTTC.]

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