For Your Foodie Valentine

Photo by The Hundreds
Photo by The Hundreds

Our favorite Valentine's Day articles, recipes and videos, the better to have a dreamy, food-loving day.

How To: Date Night: We've put together the perfect plate of romantic little bites for tonight: oysters, dates and berries. This video is gorgeous.

Pomegranates and Other Aphrodisiacs: Cookbook author Amy Reiley discusses the foods that tend to lead to romance, and gives us her recipe for Pomegranate Roasted Pork Loin with Vegetables.

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The Morro Bay Oyster Company: Discover some of the best oysters grown in Southern California, and find out how farmer Neal Maloney makes them so consistently good.

How To: Vanilla Pot de Creme: Does your beloved have a sweet tooth? Whip up this sophisticated, easy dessert with direction from Providence pastry chef Ale Gomez.

California Wine: Sparkle Power: A bit of bubbly is a necessity today. Our wine expert chooses his favorite local sparkler.

The Best Chocolate Candy in L.A.: Also necessary? Chocolate. Move beyond the Whitman's Sampler and try out one of SoCal's artisan chocolatiers.

10 Gifts for Your Favorite Foodist: And finally, the presents. Spices, fruit trees, sake sets, small-batch bourbon ... we've got you and your intended covered.

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