Great Oyster Finds in Los Angeles

Oysters at The Cliff's Edge in Silverlake | Courtesy The Cliff's Edge

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Oysters are one of the most pleasurable things to eat and I'm not just talking about it being an aphrodisiac. For one thing, according to Mark Reynolds of The Jolly Oyster, "Generally speaking as a food source, you would be hard pushed to find something that isn't more sustainable or environmentally friendly." Unlike other farmed seafood, oysters filter feed at the bottom of the food chain, consuming algae naturally found in the sea. Eating such a green-friendly food would bring joy to any mindful eater.

There are many fun facts about oysters, but in the meantime, celebrate National Oyster Day knowing that those briny bivalves are good for you and the ecosystem. Here are some of our favorites around Los Angeles.

Oysters with soy mignonette and yuzu pearl at House of Macau | Courtesy House of Macau
"Oystas" with apple cucumber mignonette, kimchi granité, lemon, and tabasco at Ox & Son | Courtesy Ox & Son
Oyster and uni Shooter with crème fraiche and cavier at Playa Provisions | Courtesy Playa Provisions
Son of a Gun's oysters on the half shell | by flickr user Ed Kwon
Oysters with black pepper ponzu at Jar | by flickr user Ed Kwon
Grilled oysters at L&E Oyster Bar in Silver Lake | Courtesy L&E Oyster Bar

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Oyster Po' Boy at Uncle Darrows in Venice | Courtesy KCET
Morro Bay Oyster Company's grilled oysters | Courtesy KCET
Oysters ready to be shucked at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market | by flickr user Muy Yum


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