How California Brewers Are Handling the Drought

There is no more important ingredient in beer than water. It comprises 90% of the content of beer. While yeast, malt, and hops do most of the heavy lifting, there would be nothing to make if water wasn't providing the liquid base that houses the fermentation.

And so, in a time when horrific before/after photos like these keep on popping up showing how terrible the historic drought has gotten in California, the first question that's on everyone's mind is: How is our beer going to be affected? To find out, I asked the owners of a handful of California-based breweries.

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Jeremy Raub, owner of Eagle Rock Brewery:

Jonathan Porter, owner of Smog City Brewery:

Adam Firestone, owner of Firestone Walker Brewing Company:

Tony Yanow, owner of Golden Road Brewery:

So, in summary: It hasn't affected breweries just yet. But that's only because it takes time for the billing cycle to reflect what's going on with our state's water supply. When that happens, don't be shocked to find higher prices at the liquor store or out at the bar. And if that's the only issue that consumers have to deal with, well, we can all consider ourselves lucky. Which is to say: Stock up now while you can!

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